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Community English Club’s wallpaper – CEC Rocket!!

CEC’s making wallpaper journey
On Monday morning, September 9th 2013, Community English Club’s wallpaper was officially displayed on the bulletin board of School of Foreign Languages. This is the result of patience and non-stop effort process of Cec’s members.
Community English Club’s wallpaper – CEC Rocket!!


CEC Rocket

CEC Rocket

It took us more than one week to accomplish this product with three days for outlining ideas and 4 days for drawing and decorating in spite of the bad weather condition. First of all, the CEC Board had some discussion about the overall content of the wallpaper so that it should be attractive and meaningful. Consequently, we decided to have an image of a rocket in the paper center which represents Cec’s common house. The rocket flying to the sky implies the constant development of our club until now.

We have been growing in both quality and quantity over two years. Moreover, the combination of outstanding colors makes it vivid and impressive. Furthermore, Cec’s rocket covered with the logo of 5 speaking bubbles also exposes the message of union, receptiveness, respect and iron will.

A rainbow with the motto of Cec is put above the rocket with the aim at pointing out our big mission is to share knowledge and connect community. That means Community English Club creates a good chance for students to study and to exchange knowledge and to make acquaintances with many friends.

It is not difficult to realize the logo of School of Foreign Languages in the left corner of the wallpaper because Cec’s members are students of our university. Also, the images of Big Ben, the Statute of liberty and the Temple of Literature are displayed in this picture. This contains in itself a dream of bringing Cec to all countries in the world.

Next, sparkling stars and big blue cloud are symbols of a peaceful world in which people live in harmony forever. One of the most important things making the wallpaper informative is the introducing activities space. Five most typical activities are presented with the real photographs taken while Cecers are joining these events. The reason why we put these information on the wallpaper is that we have a strong desire to inspire enthusiasm and can-do-spirit to the next generations of our school.

As a result, the final product of Cec’s members was displayed in the entrance path at the Military School where students of School of Foreign Languages are studying in. We all hope that this wallpaper will become a small gift and an encouragement for freshmen in this new school year.

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