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Writing-a seed for my soul!

Writing-a seed for my soul!
Writing-a seed for my soul!


When I was in class 9, my mom took me to meet a fortune teller. Look at me, open some books and he told me:

“You will be a writer in the future!”

Writer? And I put a big question in my head. I have never thought of this. I think he told jokes. But, let me see and wait for the future, what will be?


*My intention to give up writing

After the accident, i felt too tired to do anything even writing. I decided to take a rest for a period of time. I really had no idea, what covered over my head is an unconscious status, which may be caused by the accident. Moreover, I found it difficult to concentrate on anything because of my serious headache.

And i hired all my fingers into a bag of responsibility, laziness and selfishness.

I also used to say, “Writing! Goodbye!”

*My current life

Everything is still ok. I used a kind of drug. As a result, my headache is treated and i have recovered from my illness. I am now strong, energetic but less quiet than i used to be. At these days, I began returned my busy life with not only my study at school but my job as a tutor every night and other outdoor activities.

This time is not a simple period to myself. I feel that i have experienced many other different emotions during a day. Sometimes, I am energetic. In contrast, I am quickly immersed in the darkness of pessimism. I had to borrow a lot of money from my friends to pay for my treating in the hospital. It means i have to spend all this month salary on returning them. Finance really affects my thought.

And my fingers are  eager enough again to express all those happening in my life on the long pages.

*My experience of writing

I began writing when i was a very little girl. I remember that when I was in class 6, the writer provided the pupils with a very strange but interesting program in the subject Literature. It is “composing poems”. I learned to create some poems like a toddler. That may be a very great expression when both my mom and my teacher encouraged me to do like that: writing the poems.

When I am 16 years old, I became a student at high school and i grew up day by day. I recognized all changes in both my appearance and character. That was an important period that all teenagers have to get over. And the same to my friends, I dreamt of many things. Naturally, I started changing all my emotions as well as hope and dream or what happened in my daily life into a soft version: writing short stories and poems, sometimes.

When I finish studying at my high school, I did not apply for being a student studying literature at university. What i did was to become an English-major-student at Thai Nguyen Faculty of foreign languages. Here i was trained to write short English passages and essays by Miss Le Thu Trang and Miss Ngoc. I was very confident in myself because of my not too bad grammer and vocabulary. I always got good points for writing subject and i also really liked it. I began taking part in some English clubs as well as organizations like IAESTE. I took part in some events, which left a lot of great impressions in my mind. And I stept-by-stept drove my way to become an unprofessional-writer, who always wrote as a reporter of all those events. At first, I found it difficult to sit for several hours to invest for a high-quality post. I had to make my head think and then act by writing. Sometimes, terrible feelings came to visit me.

“Oh, so boring, why i am always writing boring posts like this?” Once for a while, i asked myself.

However, i did not care anything, i just wrote and wrote. And i learnt day by day.


*The value of posts

Now, staying at my own room and i suddenly recognize what all my posts has been brought to myself, and my life also. Those i have received are not only experience in writing English, English knowledge but also great memories in my student life.

First of all, writing is now not a difficult subject to me anymore. I am perfectly familiar with sitting for a long time to build a post.

Secondly, writing opened my mind. Similarly, it also changed some my bad characters like my anger, impatience, selfishness and careless in thinking about anything.

Finally, which is the most important, writing help me save all my best memories in my student life. When i am sad, i write. When i am happy, i write, also. After each event, i write like a reporter. Now, even though everything has gone and gone like a fast train, i am never afraid of missing any information or details realated to all those events i used to attend. Simply, thanks to all my posts, i can read them as many times as i want. All actions will really comeback like all lines of words are jumping in my eyes.

Maybe you have not agreed with me; however, try writing, and i am sure someday, your blue soul when having some bad situations will desire of feeling again what great memories you used to own.

Like me, I always try to write as many posts as i can. And now, I can find all my experiences as well as emotions thanks to my posts, instead of trying to remember in my head. My head is also limited by many different things. No matter how excellent my head is, it cannot always work well as I want.

And more, life is a long journey to me. Sometimes, I go ahead. However, sometimes, I need to stop and think of my self. And similarly, sometimes, I have to look back what I have done.


*I write, what for?

Life is a long journey and I need to write in order to save all what happened in my life. Memories are sweet candies which are easy to be melt.

Therefore, why don’t I have my fingers slip on the nice pages?

*My inspiration for writing

My head is always full of ideas for all my posts. They can be some events. Similarly, they can be great people I am impressed with like members  in my little family, my teachers, my friends and my colleges. Simply, they can be some experiences i receive from daily life. Or I can also write about nature or something related to my hobby, study and work.


*Thank you so much, you drove my writing passion

I have a little treasure of both Vietnamese and English posts now. It has about hundreds of posts.

Firstly, thank you my Mom! Mom, I love you! You brought me to a wide life of both difficulties and easy things. You also taught me to write the first tests of Vietnamese at school. And you are my first teacher in writing.

Secondly, thank you to all teachers who have taught me from primary to university . All of you taught me to live on a right way. All of you have been driving my life to be a good person. I am so lucky to be your students.

Thirdly, thank you Mr. Vu Ngoc Linh, Mr. Cong Thao and Mr Phung Huy. I am always grateful of you. You created the best websites and you believe in me. You gave good chances for me to develop both my writing and myself.

Next, thank you to all managers: Miss Thuy, Miss Ly, Miss Ngan Tran, Miss Hai Yen, Miss Thuy Linh,etc of clubs as well as organizations. Thank you for asking me to be a reporter for all activities. Thanks to this, I really have a professional environment to practice my passion.

And finally, thank you this life. You bring to me many good and good friends as well as colleagues. Nobody is successful alone. I have not been successful; however, you bring good inspirations to my posts.

Once again, thank you so much!


*Now, writing, go on!

Writing is now one of the most important food. Just for fun, but give me some breads everyday and I will only sit on my bed, slip my fingers to create some posts.

Life is a long journey! And writing to save all memories in that long journey! Save all I experience, save all i can learn and save all I want to share.

Life is sometimes very accidental like writing has come to my life!


Thank you for reading my post!

It is winter now, keep warm!

Have a nice weekend!

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